Day #2: The Search for Lt. Steeves Missing Jet (June 15th, 2014)

Today the Adventure Science team ground-truthed a known wreck site near Owen River Gorge, California. The plane, the Vultee BT-13 – serial number #41-21786, belonged to Cadet W.J. Kania of the United States Air Force. He was, unfortunately, found dead 200 feet from his plane, approximately a week after he went missing in 1943.

ImageThe Valley where the Vultee BT-13 was found


Adventure Science team members Jane Davis, Jordan Eady, and Josh Eady, with remnants of the plane.


Adventure Science athlete, Helene Dumais, at the Vultee BT-13 crash site.


Adventure Science athlete, Winter Vinecki, with remnants of the Vultee BT-13. 

The Adventure Science team also attempted to scout the known wreck sites from the air today with help from Corsair Aviation, but were unfortunately grounded due to extreme winds.


Instead, the team hiked out to Bishop Pass to scout weather conditions and assess snow pack for entry into the high Sierras. The team is currently scheduled to enter the Sierras on Wednesday June 18th, 2014, and are confident that they will be able to push through the lingering snow.


Follow along with the team via live tracking provided by inReach Canada, here:

Photo Credit: Liz Barney / Adventure Science


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